What is Credit Card/Debit Card Validator?

Credit Card/Debit Card Validator is a tool engineered to help you validate credit and debit cards using Mod 10 and is designed to protect the merchant or the user against accidental errors and malicious attacks.

Sometimes, users enter a mistyped number due to the difficulty in entering long credit/ debit card numbers without any typing aid; the other times, fake credit card numbers are used with the intent of fraud.

Either way, the powerful and smart Credit/Debit Card Validation, using the checksum formula, lets you analyze whether the number and credentials of the card entered are true or a hoax.

How does Credit/Debit Card Validator work?

The Credit/Debit Card Validator provides results by detecting any single-digit error, along with transpositions of adjacent digits, to ensure that no number is checked and marked valid without its existence.

The Credit/Debit Card Validator works on an algorithm (Checksum formula named Luhn's algorithm) in the public domain and works to avoid synthetic fraud, theft, and data breaches.

Firstly, you should enter your credit or debit card number in the space provided, and you need to choose that you are not a robot from the reCAPTCHA checker, then hit the Validate Now button. The tool will validate using the process and algorithm mentioned above.