What is BIN Search Tool?

BIN Search Tool is designed to search and find a specific Bank Identification Number based on existing and updated databases.

The search issuer can look up for the Bank Identification Number (BIN) using the tool that legally contains a huge database of BINs provided and regulated by the government and provides the issuer's name, details, and other relevant information available.

BIN Search Tool can identify the gift, virtual, and prepaid cards without saving any BIN entered into our server to lay the ultimate foundation of trust.

How does BIN Search Tool work?

The BIN Search Tool constantly improves and regulates its BIN reference. It works by collecting databases from the collaboration of myriad researchers and partners' joint efforts to accurately identify credit cards using the first six digits of the credit card number, also known as an Issuer Identification Number.

The BIN Search Tool looks up for the identification number data to analyze and find if the card information entered is valid.