What is BIC/Swift Code Search?

The BIC/Swift Code Search is a highly utilized tool to search your Swift/BIC Code, an 8-11 character that identifies your bank, city, branch, nationality, and country.

When sending or receiving money from a recipient, the BIC/Swift Code Search comes extremely handy to verify if the person on the other side is the one you initially started the transaction with.

How does Swift Search Tool work?

It scans the characters entered by the search issuer to find relevant details in association with the BIC/Swift Code to provide an accurate report to the user.

The BIC Banks' codes are stored on the server of our tool so that whenever you enter the code, the tool scans it thoroughly, looking for the placement of digits and transposing them to know if the code is valid.

Once found valid, the Swift Search Tool generates a report that includes all the publicly available information linked to the SWIFT code entered by the tool used on the tool.